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The intent of a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Coach is to help the individual come to terms with life as a meaningful and fulfilling personal growth experience, no matter what challenges there are to face.

Transpersonal / Spiritual Psychology

The term “Transpersonal” means expanding beyond our limited ego to a more aware and more empowered self, who has gained an open-ended access to their greater potential. The intent of a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Coach is to help the individual come to terms with life as a meaningful and fulfilling personal growth experience, no matter what challenges there are to face. This is done by guiding and facilitating people into a self-sustaining process of healing and awakening. Transpersonal (holistic, spiritual) Psychology believes that each human being has the capacity to find a source of Universal Love and fulfillment within oneself, or to put it another way, within one’s own Higher Consciousness. This is not about ungrounded fanciful ideals that we often encounter. This is a grounded, tested and long proven science, both ancient and modern.

The Benefits

Through the right understanding of our potential, we can learn to make each life challenge an opportunity to understand, nurture, and heal our mind. As our mind heals, the benefits also flow on to the body. Through this process, we gain confidence and trust in ourselves. We become skilled at looking after our own mind in the face of any adversity, or any goal that we want to achieve. Life becomes less of a mystery. We gain the ability to tap into the real power that is within us, an inner-source of Love and security, which appears to be inexhaustible. From this new empowered standpoint, we are increasingly able to give and receive love without the ego fear and pain that used to come with it, and can better deal with issues that do arise. This newfound sense of security and confidence naturally improves every facet of our lives, including our relationships, family life and work. In addition to this we gain the motivation and ability to tap into and utilize a personal potential that we may have never realized existed.

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Origans of Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal Psychology emerged in the latter half of the twentieth century. It integrates the spiritual wisdom teachings from all traditions with modern psychology. The worth of this information is tested through lived experience as well a scientific study. Buddhism for instance has a highly effective and sophisticated system of psychology that has been developed over the last 2,500 years. The Jewish and Christian wisdom teachings that use the Kabala are just as highly evolved and ancient. The Hindu teachings have existed even longer and have reached the heights of experiential and scientific development. The work of Carl Jung also revealed the deep teachings of the Gnostics in the West and the alchemy of the Chinese Taoists and the Western Hermeticists (rooted in ancient Egyptian teachings). Western mainstream psychology has been in existence for little more than 100 years. It would be foolish not to fully investigate the wealth of experience of these ancient cultures that lasted far longer than ours has so far. The results of these studies have proved their worth beyond doubt.

The Transpersonal Therapist

To be an effective guide, the transpersonal psychotherapist must be a living example of one who sincerely and effectively practises the art of inner-healing, self-realization and self-empowerment in his or her own life. The practitioner leads by example and aids the one seeking help through the wisdom of his or her own lived experience. The practitioner is like a ferryman, who guides the seeker safely through the hidden territory of his/her mind where confusion, fear and insecurity play havoc. This journey continues until these seemingly often dark and foreboding places are open to the light of awareness and healed.

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Transpersonal / Spiritual Counselling and Therapy can help with:

  • All issues that are covered by general counselling and therapy: This is because Transpersonal Psychology encapsulates all the therapy approaches within its spiritual, consciousness raising frame work.
  • You may have had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) and are struggling to come to terms with this experience and it's many and varied after-affects, such as physical changes, expanded awareness, heightened sensitivities and more.


  • Overcoming disempowering spiritual beliefs that no longer serve you. You may have been brought up with certain beliefs or become part of spiritual/religious community that you now feel was perhaps controlling, abusive, misleading, and restrictive. You may have lost faith in your spiritual beliefs, realizing that they no longer serve you, and you need help through this sometimes difficult transition to a more empowering faith.
  • You may be experiencing unusual or paranormal phenomena that may be affecting your personal life, and you may not know how to make sense of it, or how to deal with it.
  • You may wish to learn more about meditation: to find peace of mind, to better access your potential, to deepen your awareness, to achieve a more meaningful connection to your Soul/Higher-Self.
  • You may be experiencing past life phenomena or suspect past life memories are effecting your present experiences.
  • You may simply be looking for a spiritual mentor and a group of spiritually minded people to walk with you on your journey of spiritual awakening and consciousness development.


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If you are experiencing difficult and prolonged emotional pain and/or ongoing negative life-patterns, and you want to rise above these limitations and turn them to your advantage using a spiritual perspective, then don’t hesitate to contact me.