Guided Meditations

Recorded Meditations from Inner Harmony and Awareness Meditation Group

Guided Meditations

These guided meditations have been recorded during my weekly “Inner Harmony and Awareness” meditation group. The meditations have a particular focus on self-compassion and follow a process that enables you to experience important aspects of meditation such as:

1. Relaxation and Connecting to Source/Higher-Self/Universal Consciousness where we find ultimate sanctuary and access to our highest potential.
2. Concentration Meditation where we align ourselves to, and identify with, our highest potential – the Love/Wisdom/Power to heal and master the mind, and the Heart of Mindfulness.
3. Insight-Awareness Meditation where we open our awareness to our human-self and daily life as the observer who is centered in Conscious-Awareness. We learn to observe ourselves without judgement, and with acceptance, compassion and loving kindness. Here we are learning to be our own sanctuary and the loving guardian of our own human experience, and our reactive mind. This non-judging, compassionate observation of our own mind enables the mind to be merged with peace and love, naturally resulting in ongoing healing and insight. This is also known as Mindfulness where we are learning to be a conscious sanctuary and parent to ourselves throughout the day, one breath at a time.
4. Meta Meditation. Our own humanness is representative of humanity, just as ourself as Conscious-Awareness represents Universal Consciousness/Love/Wisdom. As we are learning to embrace our humanness with our awakened consciousness, to become the ultimate solution to our own suffering, we are also learning how to understand and give compassion to humanity itself. You are a cell in the being of humanity, which depends on each individual to heal and evolve for humanity to heal and evolve. Here we learn that we are also connect and aligned to all other beings who have awakened and are serving the same Universal Consciousness. This interconnectedness of awakened consciousness is often called The Flow. The Flow is the destiny of all humanity. We serve the principles of Unconditional Love and Personal Responsibility – the foundation of all paths of enlightenment. The Flow is your spiritual family in the form of Ascended Masters, spirit guides of various types and anyone in the world at the moment who is awake and living by these universal principles.

The Purpose of Meditation

Connectiong with Self (Human Self and Higher Self) Meditation

Inner Harmony and Awareness Meditations

(older recordings, the recording quality is not as clean as later recordings with better technology, but they still work and do the job)

Meditation 2-4-07

Meditation 5-3-07

Meditation 11-6-07

Meditation 12-3-07

Meditation 14-5-07

Meditation 16-4-07

Meditation 18-6-07

Meditation 19-3-07

Meditation 21-5-07

Meditation 23-4-07

Meditation 30-4-07


Recent Group Meditations (Higher quality recording)

Meditation 19-4-2021

Meditation 7-5-2021

Meditation 31-5-2021