5 Step Process


The 5 Step Process

For Healing the Mind and Heart, Personal Development & Wisdom/Awareness

Also the foundation working principles for Mindfulness

This is a personal process that is used to directly work with your emotional pain and self-defeating thought patterns. It is designed to develop your self-awareness and your own compassionate relationship with yourself. This vital conscious connection to your own self is the doorway to ongoing mental and emotional healing and development, which, in turn, leads to increased wellbeing, resilience, better choices in life, and more fulfilling relationships.


Steps 1 & 2 are the Foundation Steps

Step 1. Total Self-Acceptance (Unconditional Love)

I accept my right to be human.

Without Self-Acceptance, we cannot heal, find inner-peace, or grow.  We often suffer because of our experience of being judged by other people.  It is our own lack of acceptance of ourselves, however, that makes us vulnerable to the judgement from others.  We often mistakenly think others are judging us when, in fact, we are judging ourselves.

The power of self-acceptance is in knowing that we are in this world to experience being human. We all make mistakes. We are all learning and growing.  In order to feel free, happy, and fulfilled, we must accept our fundamental worthiness as a human being.  By unconditionally accepting ourselves as we are and caring for ourselves as best we can each day, we are then in a better position to face and overcome our mental confusion and emotional suffering.  Every human being has fears and insecurities and gets confused.

reaching out 2

Every human being also has the potential for wisdom and a deep capacity to love.  When we can accept both sides of ourselves, we can then consciously heal our emotional pain and confusion with our own higher-awareness.  With self-acceptance, the doorway to our true potential opens to us.  Step 1 is connecting to our own internal source of love that is available to us always.


Step 2. Total Personal Responsibility (Wisdom/Awareness)

I am committed to care for myself.

When we combine Acceptance with Personal Responsibility, we are in possession of the power over our own lives.  In order to take charge of our lives, we must accept our Personal Responsibility to Love ourselves Unconditionally, knowing that achieving this goal is an ongoing process of learning.  Facing our challenges is much easier when choosing this approach.

To overcome our suffering, we must stop wasting our time thinking we are a victim and trying to control and change others in order to be happy.  The key to our healing, inner-peace, happiness, and fulfilment is in our own hands.  By living this new understanding as best we can each day, conflict and unhealthy dependency will be overcome, which naturally improves our relationships with those around us.

committment 3

The result is an increasing inner-harmony and self-empowerment. Step 2 is accepting full authority over our own lives and trusting that we have the ability to do so.  Step 2 is the path to Wisdom.



Step 3 is the Processing/Healing Step

Step 3. Let Go and Tune In

I change my world by healing and enlightening myself.

Step 3 is putting Steps 1 and 2 into action in a way that enables us to confidently and skilfully take care of our own vulnerable human-selves – to become our own loving and compassionate forever parent, in other words.  We achieve this by letting go of trying to control and punish other people or ourselves when emotional pain is triggered within us, knowing that self-rejection is the real cause of our pain.

By accepting our Personal Responsibility to Love ourselves unconditionally, we focus inwards on the disempowering confusion that has conditioned our minds.  As we learn to accept, face, understand and heal these self-rejecting thought-patterns that create our vulnerabilities, we discover a limitless source of Love within our own self.

Emotional Healing

As our hearts heal and open, we become our own best friend and our own sanctuary.  As a result of creating this strong foundation of self-love, we naturally create and attract more love and abundance.



Steps 4 is the Conscious Creating Step

Step 4. Live in the Now

I stay present in the now and activite the power of my potential.

Step 4 is by putting Steps 1, 2 into action to consciously creating the life that we want, based on the insights we gain from working Step 3.  We learn that when we let go of our futile controlling of others, and place our focus on caring for our own mind in the present moment, we discover our center of power and potential.  Another benefit of letting go and tuning in is that we recognise the futility of worry, regret and resentment.

By working these steps, we discover how to learn from the past and achieve our goals by positively accepting and working with the reality that is in front of us and within us now.  We realise that making peace with the past and creating a positive future is determined by the way we take responsible care of ourselves every day, one day at a time.  When we get in touch with and accept responsibility for our needs and emotions, we are increasingly able to achieve the clarity of mind to take wise action on our own behalf.

stepping out

We realise that we have full authority and power over our own minds and therefore our lives.  As a result of putting this understanding into action every day as best we can as we are learning and growing, our lives simplify, and our happiness and vitality increases.  By working Step 4, self-empowerment and self-mastery becomes a real experience in our lives.



Steps 5 is the Commitment Step

Step 5. Live the Process

I live the process and gain the power to take command of my life one day at a time.

Step 5 is about committing to this new, empowering way of approaching life.  The 5 Step Process becomes a healthy, sustainable and empowering lifestyle.  By working these steps as an ongoing process, every problem becomes an opportunity to understand ourselves more, heal more deeply, gain more insight and grow stronger.

As our skill in self-management increases, our faith and trust in ourselves increases and we grow in self-esteem and self-confidence.  With our increasing ability for wise discernment, we attract and create healthier relationships and we better manage those relationships we have.  This foundation of ongoing self-care enables us to have the wisdom and resilience to face, overcome and grow through any life experience, and be of benefit to others in the process.  Life becomes truly meaningful and fulfilling.