Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

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Are you needing help with:

Communication - not feeling heard, having difficulty speaking your truth.

Conflict - communication break down, anger issues, domestic violence.

Disconnection - drifting apart, no longer relate.

Intimacy - lack of emotional closeness.

Transition Issues - outgrowing your partner, experienced a life-changing event.

Sexual Issues - not feeling sexual, heart says yes but body says no, anxiety.

Postnatal Issues - depression, disruption of sexual activity, feeling left out, overwhelmed.

Emotional, Pysical, Financial Abuse - isolated from friends & family, feeling controlled, belittled, drug or alcohol issues, domestic violence.

Trust issues - abandonment, betrayal, infidility.

Extended family enmeshment - interference from parents or other relatives.

Enhance your relationship potential - turn an okay relationship into a great one.

Pre-Marital Counselling - Get a head start to a great marriage, gain insight and direction, communication skills.


My Approach to Relationship Counselling:

Safety and Respect - The session is arranged in such a way as to create a safe and respectful sharing environment.

Disentanglement - I facilitate a disentanglement of assumptions and confusions by enabling each person to get in touch with their own truth and to freely share that truth in such a way that it can be heard.

Personal Awareness - Each person is nurtured through a process of self-awareness where feelings, pain and needs are explored, shared freely, and understood. This helps the one sharing better understand themselves while also helping the partner to better understand.

A Proven Framework for Change - I offer an effective and proven framework, in the form of the 5 Step Process for Emotional Healing, Wisdom & Empowerment, that reveals what works in relationships and why.

Relationship Insight - Rarely are each person's actions and reactions in a committed intimate relationship breakdown intended to be malicious. We each bring fears and insecurities into a relationship that we are often not even aware that we have and more often don't understand. We don't mean to trigger them in one another, but before we know it, these issues have taken over the relationship, obscuring the genuine love that was there at the start. With insight and self-awareness, it is revealed how we are each just trying to unconsciously protect our vulnerabilities and get our needs met. We don't really mean to hurt one another and we ultimately want the same thing.

The Way Forward - Through this nurturing and insightful environment, the way to nurture and heal your own human vulnerabilities is revealed. This means that a new way is found to take care of yourself and each other without projecting your fears and insecurities onto one another. You become partners again, travelling together on the marvelous human journey of healing, awakening and growing. Your experiences of caring for your humanness becomes something to share with one another, increasing your intimacy and sense of common ground.

Healing Pain and Injustice - You may be experiencing issues of infidelity, abandonment or betrayal of some sort that sets before yourself and your partner a significant challenge where healing your relationship is concerned. The counselling and therapy process will help you both understand and come to terms with the gravity of the situation and how to appropriately deal with it and move through it.

Going Solo in the Process - Often you are the only one in the relationship who is willing to reach out for help. Going it alone in the process can make a big difference to your relationship because of your increased level of awareness, compassion and empowerment. If approached in the right way, your process can have a possitive effect on your partner, who is then inspired to reach out as well. Even if your partner choses not to follow you on this journey, you will be moving forward, expanding your happiness and wellbeing.

Self-Protection, Survival and Creating a New Life - You may be caught in a relationship that is destructive and unsustainable. Sometimes the other person is so deeply rooted in their confusion and defenses that they are unwilling to change these destructive modes of behaviour. I will help you establish the most appropriate ways of protecting yourself, and your children, and finding ways of safely removing yourself from danger, emotional or physical, if necessary. Your own healing and empowerment is, of course, an essential part of this process.

Enhancing, Empowering & Deepening the Love that You Have - Today, many couples are seeing the opportunity to enhance an already satisfactory relationship. Even though your relationship is okay, you know it has far more potential, but you are unsure how to bring that potential out. I would love the opportunity to help you realise your relationship potential. Let me help you transform your relationship into the loving, exciting, fulfulling experience that you both know it can be.

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