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Overcome Suffering and Expand Your Consciousness

Welcome to FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM Podcasts

I am not here to entertain you.  I am not just here to just give you feel good experiences.  I am here to challenge you, guide you and empower you.  I am here to show you how to open, awaken, learn, heal, grow and gain mastery over yourself and your life.  If that is what you want, then get on board with me and let’s make it happen.

I may not be Mr charisma.  My podcasts may not be perfectly polished, but if you take them seriously, and commit yourself to learning this process, you will awaken to a whole world of wisdom that is all around you.  If you stay committed, you will succeed.

Five Steps to Freedom

Podcast Series

The Quest for Healing

Focusing on Trauma/PSTD, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and More


Podcast Series

with Phil Golding
and James Venkatrao


Heart of Meditation

Guided Meditation
Podcast Series

Real Healing, Real Awakening 8 Part Podcast Series

A New Path to Enlightenment

Podcast Series

American Radio Interview

I was interviewed on American radio about my 5 Step Process (for emotional healing, self-awareness and empowerment) and my book 'Five Steps to Freedom"