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Five Steps to Freedom

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Do you spend much of your time running on empty, feeling unfulfilled, lonely, angry or depressed?  Are you suffering from the effects of trauma, past or present?  Do you find yourself continually attracting people who are not there for you, or do you cut yourself off for fear of being hurt?  Do you feel you are not good enough and struggle to know how to gain self-worth?

     It is said that we must learn to emotionally stand on our own two feet before we can find fulfilment in our lives.  This means we gain the ability to be comfortable and confident without the need to be continually filled up with outside distractions such as dependent relationships, overworking, substance abuse, unhealthy eating etc.

     Sustainable fulfilment is about knowing how to fill yourself up from the inside, no matter what is happening around you that triggers the ups and downs in your life.  This deeper space of inner-security then provides you with the confidence to step out into life and step in closer to other people without the constant fear of being hurt.

     “Five Steps to Freedom” contains the key ingredients for deep emotional healing, inner peace, self-confidence, and ongoing personal growth.  It introduces a set of clear, effective and proven guidelines that show you how to consciously take care of your emotional wounds, your human feelings and needs.  This book guides you through a process that enables you to open up your heart to yourself and shows you how to keep it open.  You not only learn how to give to yourself, but you will have plenty left over to freely give to others.


‘Five Steps to Freedom’ is based on a 5 Step Process for emotional healing, wisdom and empowerment. The 5 steps are as follows:

1. Acceptance
2. Personal Responsibility
3. Let Go and Tune In
4. Live in the Now
5. Live the Process as a Way of Life

Steps 1 and 2 are the foundation of the healing and personal growth path, where as steps 3 and 4 focus further on how to practically apply  steps 1 and 2 to your life.  Step 5 stresses the importance of your commitment to a process in order for you to succeed with goals of healing, growth and empowerment.

Step 1: Acceptance, speaks about how essential a fundamental level of self-acceptance and self-care is needed to initiate healing and personal growth. This step cuts to the core of healing by helping you understand love as an unconditional universal force that can be personally and directly accessed at any time through your own self-acceptence. This step also reveals how the human mind gets so confused about love and worthiness and suffers as a result.

Step 2: Personal Responsibility, reveals the vital importance to taking full ownership of your own mind as consciously aware adult. This step shows you love, as a universal healing force, cannot be accessed in a sustainable way until you accept full responsibility to love yourself unconditionally as best we can on a daily basis. You are guided as to how to go about this in a practical way where any attempt at this lofty goal is an important experience on the way to becoming a skilful guardian of your own life.  Step 2 is the path to wisdom, maturity and empowerment.

Step 3: Let Go and Tune In, guides you in the art of emotional healing on the deepest levels. This step shows why it is so important to let go of trying to control others in a futile attempt to find a refuge from fear and insecurity, and instead tune into what you are doing to our own self with your habitual thoughts patterns. In the process, the real source of suffering, as well as the solution to your suffering, is revealed to be within your grasp. You are guided as to how to bring healing and peace to the depths of your mind – your memories and conditioning.

Step 4: Live in the Now, reveals how to access your personal power and move forward in life with the healing and awareness gained from the previous steps. In the process, the ways you give your power away are further revealed. Here you are learning how to create the life that you want.

Step 5: Live the Process as a Way of Life, reinforces the reality that the conscious guardianship of our own mind is the foundation of our life. It also reinforces that in order to succeed in overcoming life’s ongoing challenges and create the life that we want, such a process for healing, wisdom and empowerment must become central part of your life-style.

The book incorporates a series of insightful and practical exercises to help you understand and apply the knowledge contained within, a comprehensive summary of the whole process, as well as information tables that help you understand emotions and empowerment.


Five Steps to Freedom Preview (Chapter One)

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About the Author

Phil has been on his personal development journey for 39 years. In his mid 20’s and early 30’s he overcame chronic depression and PTSD, which motivated him to continue to learn about healing, psychology and self-awareness. With his growing knowledge and experience, Phil began helping others by conducting meditation and self-awareness groups. Phil has completed degrees in psychology, spiritual psychology and a post graduate degree in psychology, while he continued to explore self-awareness philosophy such as mindfulness – now an important feature of modern counselling. With this knowledge and experience, Phil developed the 5-Step Process, a mindfulness based therapeutic process for psychological healing and personal growth.  For the last 23 years, Phil has had a private counselling / psychotherapy practice, using the 5-Step Process. Phil’s scope of counselling is broad, covering most issues. He specialises in trauma / PTSD, anxiety, depression, as well as spiritual / Transpersonal counselling / therapy / coaching.



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