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Five Steps to Freedom

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5 Steps for Freedom is based on a 5 step personal process for emotional healing, wisdom and empowerment. The 5 steps are as follows:

  1. Acceptance.
  2. Personal Responsibility.
  3. Let Go and Tune In.
  4. Live in the now.
  5. Live the Process as a Way of Life.

Steps 1 and 2 are the foundation of the healing and personal growth path, where as steps 3 and 4 focus further on how to practically apply these steps to our own life. This 5 step process is not meant to be seen as yet another process that is better than all the rest. Rather, it reveals the essential principles that enable all good processes to work, and so enhancing whatever path the reader may be on already.

The first step of acceptance speaks about how essential a fundamental level of self-acceptance and self-care is needed to initiate healing and personal growth. This step cuts to the core of healing by helping the reader understand love as an unconditional universal force that can be personally and directly accessed at any time. This step also reveals how the human mind gets itself so confused about love and suffers as a result.

The second step of personal responsibility reveals the vital importance to taking full ownership of our own minds as conscious adults. In this step the reader is awakened to the fact that love, as a universal healing force, cannot be accessed in a sustainable way until we accept full responsibility to love ourselves unconditionally as best we can on a daily basis. The reader is guided as to how to go about this in a practical way where any attempt at this lofty goal is an important experience on the way to becoming a skilful guardian of our own life.

The third step of let go and tune in guides the reader in the art of self-awareness and emotional healing. This step shows why it is so important to let go of trying to control others in a futile attempt to find a refuge from fear and insecurity, and instead tune into what we are doing to our own self with our habitual thoughts patterns. In the process, the source of suffering, as well as the solution to suffering, is revealed to be within our grasp. The reader is also given guidance on how to gain awareness of self-defeating thought patterns and work through them while dealing with the painful emotions that come with them.

The forth step of living in the now reveals how to access our personal power and move forward in life with the healing and awareness gained from the previous steps. In the process, the ways we give our power away are also revealed.

Step 5 reinforces the reality that the conscious guardianship of our own mind is the foundation for our life. It also reinforces that such a process for healing, wisdom and empowerment must become a central aspect of our life-style if we expect to overcome life’s ongoing challenges and create the life that we want.

The book incorporates end of chapter summaries, as well as a series of insightful and practical exercises to help the reader understand and apply the knowledge contained within.

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