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My name is Phil Golding. I have been on my own personal development journey for the last 30 years, and a professional counsellor and therapist for over 15 years. I am trained and skilled in working with the life-challenges specific to men, women, couples, of all ages. I am here to offer you my experience and to provide you support that is safe, nurturing, and effective. I will connect with you as an individual and work with you in a way that is most appropriate to your needs, using proven counselling and therapy processes. My aim is to help you gain clarity, healing, confidence, personal independence, and loving relationships.

I use a range of proven therapy approaches, including CBT and Mindfulness, to suit individual needs, which is underpinned by the 5-Step Process for Emotional Healing, Wisdom and Empowerment

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Mindfulness, Personal development workshops

Mindfulness Training - Workplace, Groups, Personal

Counselling Specialisation

Transpersonal / Spiritual Psychotherapy

The intent of a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Coach is to help the individual come to terms with life as a meaningful and fulfilling personal growth experience, no matter what challenges there are to face.

Covers all levels of therapy and counselling, while integrating your spiritual path within the process of awareness, healing and growth. More Information...

Heal, Expand Your Consciousness and Empower Your Life

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Trauma Counselling

Post Traumatic Stress, Trauma from Childhood, Victim of Crime, Death and Dying,
Grief and Loss, Terminal Illness, Anxiety

At any stage in our lives, we can be confronted with a traumatic experience that is, at the time, beyond our ability to emotionally process and put behind us. We may not be able to move on until we have come to terms with the impact of the trauma. More Information...


Trauma can be completely overcome.

A page dedicated to overcoming trauma

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