About Phil

Phil Golding Post Grad Dip (Psych) BA.(Rel.& Psych.) M.L.Healing/5 Step Process

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Meditation/Mindfulness/Personal Development Coach, Author. 5-Step Process founder.

I have been on my own personal development journey for the past 39 years. I have been teaching meditation and mindfulness for the last 30 years. In my mid 20's and early 30's I overcame chronic depression and PTSD, which motivated me to continue to learn about healing, psychology and self-awareness. With this growing knowledge and experience, I began helping others in my daily life by conducting meditation and self-awareness groups. These experiences lead me to university where I completed degrees in psychology, spiritual psychology and post graduate degree in psychology, while continuing to explore self-awareness philosophy such as mindfulness – now an important feature of modern counselling. With this knowledge and experience, I developed the 5-Step Process, a mindfulness based therapeutic process for psychological healing and personal growth.  For the last 23 years, I have had my own private counselling / psychotherapy practice, using the 5-Step Process. My scope of counselling is broad, covering most issues. I also specialise in spiritual/Transpersonal counselling/therapy/coaching.

Standard Rates

Ongoing sessions are:

1 hour$100
1.5 hours (Standard)$140
Couples Counselling$140 - $180
2 hours$180
6 x 1 to 1.5 hour session blocks$600

Phone, Text or Email for a Consultation


0408 254 005

Concession Rates / Fees tailored to your budget

There are discounts for students and pensioners and anyone who may find it hard to afford the required amount of counselling. These discounts are personally and confidentially worked out with you in a way that enables you to be in control of your counselling process. If you need help and are keen to do what it takes to heal and grow, then I am more than happy to work with you for what you can afford.

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