Have you had a near death experience?

  • Are you having difficulties processing that experience?
  • Are you now having trouble relating to the physical ego world?
  • Perhaps your experience was scary and you are reluctant to talk about it?
  • Do you feel depressed since returning?
  • Has the experience turned your world upside down?
  • Are you finding that your old emotional issues a being rapidly pushed to the surface since your experience?
  • Do you long to return there and want to know how to stay connected?
  • Has the after affects of the experience destabilised your relationships?
  • Are you now experiencing heightened perceptual/psychic abilities, and are not sure how to handle it?
  • Do you feel that you need to change direction in your life since the experience?
  • Do you long to find someone to talk to who understands?

My name is Phil Golding. As a Transpersonal/Spiritual Psychotherapist and Meditation/Self-Awareness teacher, one of my specialties is helping people come to terms with their near death experience. I understand what it means to come face-to-face with ultimate reality, to experience it first hand, and what the consequences of that can be. As part of the ongoing support that can be provided, I also help NDE experiencers make the most of their new awareness and abilities. Come and talk to someone who knows.