Real Healing CD

Real Healing, Real Awakening

The CD By Phil Golding

for Inspiration and Transformation

The CD consists of 8, 1 hour audio programs recorded in MP3 format.

Real Healing, Real Awaking is about highlighting and exploring the principles and processes that facilitate mental/emotional/spiritual healing, integration and development. Using his experience as a psychotherapist, writer and self-realization teacher, Phil Golding will take you on a journey from facing and overcoming your deepest fears and trauma, to exploring and awakening your potential, to moving into powerful states of enlightenment. Phil has found that an integration of Unconditional Love and Personal Responsibility is the key to healing, fulfilment, success and enlightenment, and learning to love yourself is the key to loving others and being loved.

All feelings or emotions can be traced back to two sources, Love and fear. All feelings that are beneficial, life enhancing and healing come from Love. All emotions that are detrimental, destructive and painful come from fear. Everything we think, feel, say and do in our journey through life is in some way an experience of these two opposing states of mind. The human experience of life is a constant pursuit of love and fulfilment and the fear and pain of not being able to experience love and fulfilment. We all want love and fulfilment. All too often though, fear and confusion invade our life, or we just get taken over with day-to-day survival.

There is a way to break free of these limitations. There is a way to overcome fear and suffering. This knowledge, this truth, has persisted throughout the ages of human history in many different cultures. It has been lost many times, only to re-emerge in another place and time as though it has a life of its own. This knowledge is called “perennial wisdom”. When this wisdom is understood enough and consistently applied to the way we think, feel and act, we naturally enter into a journey of emotional healing and increasing mental clarity as years of accumulated confusion unravel and fall away. As a result, an increasing conscious-awareness of our potential as human beings arises. Rather than just cope with the life that we don't want, conscious-awareness and the right knowledge awakens within us the ability to heal our pain and confusion and create the life that we do want.

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