Emotional healing Therapy

Emotional Healing Therapy

Emotional Healing Therapy

Step 3 of the 5 Step process, "Let Go and Tune In", is where we learn to heal our mind on deeper levels.

Emotional Healing Therapy is simple and requires no special abilities on the part of the client. I am guiding you all the way. I work with you at your pace, and ensure process is a safe and nurturing experience for you.


Negative Conditioning: The mind is largely a collection of experiences that go together to make up our memory network. This constitutes our social conditioning and particularly our beliefs around self-worth. Much of our conditioning lies beneath our conscious-awareness and colours the way we see and react to the world. Most of this is laid down in our mind before we are ten years old. At this age we are unaware that this conditioning is occurring, and we grow up to take this conditioning for granted, as though our conditioning is reality. Our emotional pain, however, is telling us there is a problem with our conditioning.

We unconsciously keep acting out this conditioning, which is fine if it is positive. If the conditioning is negative and self-destructive, it can result and many unsatisfactory life-patterns, painful experiences and low self-worth. The subconscious nature of our conditioning is what makes it so hard to understand and heal. We are so used to looking through our conditioned mind. It is hard to get above it and see it with fresh eyes.

Deep Trauma: At any stage in our lives, we can be confronted with a traumatic experience that is, at the time, beyond our ability to emotionally process and put behind us. We may not be able to move on until we have come to terms with the impact of the trauma.

We may try to put it behind us, but the experience may return years later to plague our minds in the form of Post Traumatic Stress.

Emotional Healing Therapy has been developed to enable you to gain insight, healing and the ability to grow through such experiences, no matter how overwhelming the traumatic experience may feel to you at the beginning of the process.


When using this process, I can guide you directly into your subconscious where the original trauma and confusion is stored. Emotional Healing Therapy is simple and requires no special abilities on the part of the client. I am guiding you all the way. I work with you at your pace, and ensure the process is a safe and nurturing experience for you. This is not hypnotherapy. This process empowers you to become your own healer/guardian/sanctuary/forever loving parent.

Unlocking the Mind: By using an empowered form of Mindfulness, I first connect you to your natural awareness, where you are able to observe the more unconscious levels of your mind from a detached, self-accepting perspective. From there I safely guide you through "doorways" into your subconscious. These doorways can be emotions surrounding an issue, memories of past experiences or physical discomfort. Together we are able to access trapped confusion and painful emotions and replace this with clarity and healing. It is like going back in time within your mind, together with a skilled facilitator/companion, where you can give yourself the love and mentoring that you needed at the time the trauma and resultant confusion occurred.

Individual Approach: Everyone responds to this process in a different way. For example, some people find it quite easy to hold imagery in their minds, while others respond predominantly on a thought/feeling level without much imagery. There can be a strong spiritual component to the healing, but there does not have to be. It depends on the individual. The way I use this process is person-centered. In other words, I get in touch with the way your mind uniquely works and work with you in ways that suit you best, rather than expect you to fit into one style of process. The healing may include: releasing and healing old trapped emotions and correcting the distorted perceptions that keep them trapped; healing old traumatic memories so they no longer cause you pain; gaining new understanding and wisdom around old and present issues that once baffled you and much more, and literally rewriting memories where you are taking over the care of yourself as a child as the parent you always wanted.

Empowering Process: Unlike hypnotherapy, while you are working with me through this healing process, you remain a fully conscious participant. This enables you to learn much about how to take care of your mind, which helps to empower you in your life's journey.

Deep, Effective, Meaningful Healing: Emotional Healing Therapy using the 5-Step Process has the ability to produce effective healing all the way to, at times, alleviating physical symptoms. Genuine and permanent healing can be achieved with self-defeating behavior patterns, trapped emotional energy as well as physical side effects. Emotional Healing is a safe and fast way to deal with painful emotional issues that may be preventing you from functioning normally and in an empowered way. You also gain a set of life-skill tools that will help you continue to heal and grow every day.

What can be achieved with Emotional Healing Therapy?

  • Emotional Clearing and healing
  • Break old self-defeating behaviour patterns
  • Gently face fears and work through past trauma
  • Find clarity of mind
  • Uncover repressed memories
  • Uncover the cause of physical illnesses
  • Heal physical problems
  • Connect to unconditional love and compassion
  • Discover the higher meaning to your life and your relationships
  • Connect to, interact with your inner-child and loving reparent yourself
  • Connect to and interact with Soul and Spirit
  • Discover and experience your potential
  • Learn higher wisdom
  • Connect to and interact with departed loved ones
  • Explore and work through past lives (that sometimes spontaneously service during healing) that are negatively impacting on this life


A process that has stood the test of time

Emotional Healing Therapy, using the 5 Step Process is a process that has been discovered and used by healers in times gone by and by modern therapists. This deep emotional clearing and healing process is known by various other names such as "The Journey Process", "Inner Space Interactive Sourcing," "Timeline Therapy" and "Guided Effective Imagery".

As the healing begins to take effect, these life-enhancing principles come alive in your heart and have the potential to transform your entire life. To find out more about the 5 Step Process, read my book, "Five Steps to Freedom"